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Attract Bees with Flowers




Why Do Bees Need Flowers?

Bees, like humans, require carbohydrates and protein to survive. They are able to get both from flowers, deriving carbohydrates from nectar and protein from pollen.

Why Bees Need Nectar?

Nectar is the base of all honey. Nectar is a sweet carbohydrate secreted from glands in different plants, mainly flowers. However, not all flowers can be used by honeybees. Deep blossoms may hold a lot of nectar but a bee's tongue is not long enough to reach the nectar within.

Why Bees Need Pollen?

Pollen is a protein that bees use to feed brood and create royal jelly for the queen. Bees collect pollen when their hairs rub against the anthers of flowers. Their front legs comb the pollen from their backs and deposit it on their back legs, where it is raked by hairs into a pollen sac and compressed.



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